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 Master Craftsmanship Meets Innovative Engineering

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Woodworking Methodology

At Native Hardwoods, we blend traditional woodworking artistry with the cutting-edge engineering and design capabilities of CHaSE Manufacturing. Our dedication to excellence remains unwavering, now enhanced by technology.

We carry out a personalized woodworking process, tailored to each client's needs.


Welcome to Native Hardwoods, where tradition meets innovation. Founded on a legacy of artisanal excellence, we are dedicated to custom full interior woodworking for the RV industry. This new chapter in our journey brings unprecedented precision and design innovation to our craft, ensuring we stay true to the craftsmanship that defines us.

Our Legacy and Evolution

For over four decades, Native Hardwoods has been the gold standard for quality wood components in the RV industry. With recent advancements, our commitment to craftsmanship is enhanced by the latest in engineering and design technologies. This evolution ensures our legacy of quality continues, enriching our products while honoring our roots.

Products and Services

Our comprehensive range of custom woodworking solutions, from cabinet doors to decorative ceilings, is now elevated by world-class wood finishing, engineering and design expertise. This evolution allows us to explore new frontiers of innovation, ensuring our products not only meet but surpass the expectations of our customers.

Technology Integration

 At Native Hardwoods, we are embracing the future of manufacturing with advanced technologies that enhance our working methods. From 3D modeling to the most modern manufacturing processes, we're boosting efficiency, precision, and the overall experience for our customers and employees. 

Our commitment to quality is now supported by the most current technological advancements, positioning us at the forefront of the industry.

Since 1983 creating custom woodworking around the RV world.

We partner with production teams, designers, and engineers to create custom woodworking solutions. We’d love to hear from you.